All the woodwork that was made in the shop and later fitted was beautifully made. Theres not much that can be done about this. Even allowing for the fact that I was buying a production boat I was shocked at some of the bloody awful work he did. They even had the PSC logo embossed in the outside frames. Watching the Doolittle video has us drooling. However, theyre nothing to the problems I have seen on many other modern boats. This simple feature is really needed or the door would stick too far into the cabin to be safe. This is the kind of maintenance I like, a small amount every half decade or so. Excellent review btw, I have been looking fo rthe right Dana 24 and when I find it Also I love the dark hull wish I cold find one with dark gelcoat like yours. You couldnt see this before. K aren has done a fair amount of wandering from coast to coast and beyond and always with a guitar in tow. Her cabintop (with bronze ports) is a bit high, but the elevation produces more than 6 feet of standing headroom. Stowage space abounds, with both wet and dry hanging lockers, cabinets, drawers, and more, remarkable for this size boat. Thanks! You could probably buy a second hand one, use it and care for it for five years then sell it on and not lose a penny. I was wondering if you had more pictures of your boat? Inside the fridge are two clear Perspex shelves dividing the space. If only I can win that Lottery I know the boat I There seems to be no age limit for solo-circumnavigators. The first thing one realises is that the Dana may only be 24 feet long on deck but in every respect she feels much bigger. Thanks again! Shows the way the substantial bowsprit platform is fitted on top of the bowsprit. The fridge lid is sensibly made in two parts hinged in the middle so you dont have to shift everything off the top to get into the fridge. The design was acquired by Seacraft Yachts, who commenced building the design again, starting with serial number 351. It is a bit odd when you stop and think about it. In the old days, PSC had their own portholes cast in New Zealand. All the important bits, like stern glands, motors, pumps and batteries etc are all easy to get at. Small price to pay really. Actually thats about the only fault I can think of. An open plan accommodation that allows a heads compartment that is large enough for a sink, toilet and a shower, and indeed has a shower tray already fitted as standard, it sleeps 4 very comfortably, two in the forward V berth and one either side on the saloon bunks, your feet go into a large space under the V berth. Navigation Menu. The one I fitted is a stainless steel 20 litre version that heats water from the mains or from the engine. Ive been researching bluewater boats for months, with intent to purchase very soon, and this is by far the most comprehensive review I have come across for any bluewater boat. Designed by Glasgow University educated W.I.B. Pacific Seacraft Orion 27 MKII Call for Price NaN ft / 1990 It can take weeks to get a few coats on. Invsble t See, Clsed t Hert rock and roll stage hats. This was a Cruising Club of America sunflower raft three days ago . 2. Dana delivers fully optimized drivetrain and motion systems, designed to improve the performance and efficiency of a wide range of off-highway vehicles and machines. On the way back from the Azores we fell off a wave. How to get rid of voles and moles. On Doolittle I wash the teak with soapy water from time to time but I never scrub it. Considering how important a rudder is I applaud PSCs efforts. I was looking for the perfect pocket cruiser and I have now found it. Modern yachts mostly have the rudder sticking out all vulnerable to damage. One of the best things about the Dana is that it is resistant to rolling at anchor. When we ordered Doolittle we asked PSC to fit a closed cupboard which has worked well. It incorporates the water tanks, engine beds, fridge, bunks and the floor. Despite this, the capping is looking very worn in places with raised grain. The mast is easy to look after as it is well painted. I first discovered Pacific Seacraft back in 1994 when I came across Caraway a little black Flicka in Cornwall. Some of the locker doors are made with slats for ventilation which is helpful but what they should have done is made every locker door like this. The Dana has 4 solid teak wash boards that slot in and a solid sliding hatch made of fibreglass. She will point very high but she loses too much speed so I have found that shes happiest (and fastest) about 40 degrees from the apparent wind. On Doolittle there are teak slats but on many Danas there is simply a pvc covered panel. Even the saloon bunks are fully 2 metres long and easily wide enough for bottoms and sleeping. All the fittings are made of solid bronze, including the 8 opening port holes. Sailing into harbours is usually forbidden and with the amount of traffic at sea these days, a motor has become a necessity. Before, shower water would simply run out on to the cabin floor! Thank you for all of this! I dont know what PSC were thinking about. The problem with port holes is that their frames condensate and drip water down the cabin sides. This is a photo of the inside of the Dana mould. Money well spent. The boat is all teak below. I have owned 5 yachts so far and was looking for a yacht that was small enough for me to handle by myself or big enough to enjoy company. Magic carpet ride comfort aboard a Dana 24 mid Atlantic, Dana 24 for sale. Not that we could see much, it was dark and the visibility was very poor. I always found that they rattled when the engine was running and no amount of wedges would stop the noise for long so eventually I removed them and made a box instead. This is much better and slows down corrosion yet as far as I know, not one European manufacturer uses it. She sails as if on rails. This is actually a bonus at sea when its rough as you can wedge yourself in when on the throne. 0. The table can swing up and stow when not in use. Its very smart and a vast improvement on most manufacturers efforts. Most Danas were finished down below with teak oil rather than varnish. In port we sleep on the large V berth forward. The rudder is fully protected behind the Danas full keel. Don't consider it on a price for length basis, consider it on a price per pound basis comparing to similar boats: Pacific Seacraft 34 12,000lb is selling for $75-121k: $6.25-10/lb. A second table stows under the forward "V"-berth. After all, with electronic charts and plotters becoming the norm its a logical step. The liner is bonded in everywhere it touches. The Dana 24 is a cruiser that will feel at home anywhere winds blow more than five knots. The boat has three sails in good condition, main, jib and another . On the foredeck there is a raised centre moulding. Better glue lines on this bowsprit and much easier to maintain and inspect. I recently became fascinated by sailing and joined a sailing club. Not a moment too soon I thought. The design is a bit pants and could be improved. This translates to less fatigue and faster, safer passages. At best she sort of sails badly to windward, heading up to about 45 degrees before being knocked off and dropping down to 90 degrees before heading up again. Perhaps a batch of bad castings? Behind the fridge is a useful cupboard although most Danas use this space to make a space wasting place for plates and cups. The doors I made to replace the original washboards. The crack is still there but has got no bigger and there is no play in the rudder so for the time being Im keeping an eye on it. It seems more likely to me that three laminates just isnt enough. The Dana takes it one stage further though. With the Dana the hull was designed first to be seaworthy and efficient with the accommodation being cleverly designed to fit within afterwards. Theres not much that can be done. It would be the crew who failed her, not the other way around. Beautiful photos too. I do not know why they chose to change the old proven system. She is built to last. Chainplates are chunky and bolted through with backing plates. Fortunately, thanks to the good basic principals of PSC the tank is easily removed for replacement. To buy a boat or not to buy a boat? Your review is absolutely outstanding. Excellent review! Re: Dana 24. The current sail is experimental. The table is big enough to seat four and is strong enough to stand on, I know because I do it all the time. The lockers and cupboards do not have ventilation holes between them, they are all so well glassed in. Perhaps the most serious of the problems is a cracked rudder gudgeon. This is something that almost no other manufacturer offers anymore but to my mind, a rudder is really important so it needs protecting and it needs to be strong. Laurence, Thanks so much for the review. 13. The hatch above to look at the stars in bed i love iti had this before on one of my previous yachtsfantastic to look at the stars lying back on your bunk on a clear night. Actually thats not true. What you dont want is to have to empty a locker to get to one. It is then glued to the hull using 3M 5200 and bolted through every three inches or so. This is only basically true. 25' Pacific Seacraft 25 Near San Diego, California Asking $9,950. Under the sink is a large cupboard taken up mainly by the fridge drain pump and the sink seacock. The trick with successful teak oil is to make sure there are enough coats protecting the wood. There are all the usual filters and water separators naturally but also an electric fuel pump which does nothing its whole life unless for some reason the engines own fuel pump packs up. I have since corrected most of his mistakes. For most people an inflatable boat is the best compromise. Mind you, its a small price to pay for the safety that a completely separate locker for the gas gives you. Covering 27,000 nautical miles and crossing . With the wind on the beam she sails beautifully with very little roll and only a slight heel. The Dana 24 is now built by Seacraft Yachts in the North West. And dont drop anything in there either or youll have fun and games getting it out! Most people will look at two things when choosing a boat. This is one tough boat. Also in the ceiling are two long teak hand holds which are placed parallel to the saloon bunks creating an obvious place to tie the lee cloths to. The bows entry is quite fine and the bows not particularly flared and there is little overhang. The toilet is a Grocco HF. do the dodgers have names on their jerseys; maple alleys brockton, ma; This is something I just cannot imagine happening on the Dana. The stanchions are all 26 high and this adds to the feeling of security. [1] [3] I love the feature of the head near the companion wayfantastichate those that are up the bow of the boatsingle handing its a nightmare & and the kettle so close too It has not been very reliable and has needed repairs a few times. Perhaps it was to reinforce the foredeck? Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Boats and Parts For Sale Brought to you by Cole Farms, Inc. . Because she has no overhangs, her ultimate speed is limited but she gets to hull speed very quickly and will hold it for weeks on end. The finish is oil and not varnish although some Danas were varnished from new, others have been varnished since. There is some fibreglass showing but it is in no way offensive and simply helps to brighten the interior. The early Danas were fitted with a Yanmar 2GM20 two cylinder diesel engine producing about 18 hp. Cape Dory 28 is a 8.6 m monohull sailboat designed by Carl Alberg and built by Cape Dory Yachts between 1974 and 1988. I am very surprised that such a brilliantly designed boat cannot heave to. The saloon bunks are also latex and extremely comfortable to sit on. Even the autopilot can cope which is very unusual, many boats are just too lively downwind but again, that long keel keeps it all in hand. I might not always agree that PSC chose the right way but they did at least consider it and then chose the best compromise that fitted into their philosophy for building boats. The 3YM is no heavier than the old 2GM so theres no real reason not to fit a larger engine although I personally think the 15 hp would have been fine but I must confess, there have been a few times when I have been grateful for the full 21 hp that the 3YM delivers. When sailing with the wind on the stern quarter in big waves, she will turn her transom to face the next wave head on, then as the wave passes under her, she turns away a few degrees and goes down the wave obliquely and at speed only to repeat this when the next wave appears. the act of discussing something in a lot of detail, especially in order to avoid or delay mentioning something: P.S. BTW, how small are you? My boat was the last he built. What you end up with is a strong and trusty seaworthy boat that wont get sunk by accident. Pacific Seacraft must have been aware that the exterior woodwork involved a certain level of upkeep so they offered a few alternatives, such as an alloy toe-rail in lieu of the wooden one which although practical makes the Dana look too much like other ordinary boats. The Dana instils confidence with its quality feel and solid build. 14:43. All credit would be given of course! I solved this by not having one. Theres no place to stow anything over six feet long down below. Its been over five years now since I first bought my Dana 24 and in that time it has crossed the Atlantic from West to East, visited three continents and sailed over 10,000 miles. PSCs solution was to leave a bigger glue gap working on the assumption that they didnt use enough glue. $200 The later Danas and Doolittle were fitted with the latest 3YM20 engines, now three cylinders and producing 21 hp. This was a steady speed we maintained. A step added to the heads compartment. However PSC have used it well as it makes a good thing to grab at sea and it also supports the table by the use of a stainless pin which slots into a hole in the post. Yet its big enough to offer real ocean crossing ability at speeds that can surprise. I understand the need for it, after all it supports the mast but it is odd. Anyway, the mast is nearly 7 years old now and still looks shiny. This photo shows a cut out which came from the Transom when I cut a hole to install an electric socket. Access to the engine is excellent. What an excellent review on a fantastic vessel. In fact we have divided the cupboard with shelves which utilises the space much more efficiently. Under the washboards is a small yet useful locker. Her keel is cut away at the bows and this certainly doesnt help. The cockpit is a great place to be. * Doolittle is now for sale. There is storage in every spare space. This classic feel extends belowdecks, where the saloon exudes the warmth of hand-rubbed oiled teak, with teak joinery and cabinets above a teak-and-holly sole. They can also be unzipped when leaving the boat for a bit of ventilation. Her hull is easily driven and she prefers to sail more of less upright, she will still perform when over pressed and well heeled but it loads up the helm and is quite hard work so its simply better to pop a reef in since shell go almost as fast a lot more comfortably with less sail. They use a series of panels which to my mind spoils the interior of the boat and makes it look cheap. The Mark 2 Danas were about $70,000 which although still expensive for a 24 foot boat were more attainable and about 350 have been made over the last 25 years. WOW Event Center Hours Open for Slip Holders and Guests 24/7 We have for sale: A hardy 1967 30' Rawson sloop in good condition, a great blue water liveaboard - $19.9 k One Double axle trailer (frame and axles in good shape but it needs just about everything else!) The boat becomes perfectly balanced and can be steered simply by adjusting the angle of the mizzen sail. Even at anchor she shows a tendency to turn her stern into the waves if the wind is not present. It has a privacy door and is located aft on the starboard side. There were no groans, creaks or any kind of indication that the hull was flexing. Celia was amazed at the colour of the windows, they were all green. There is a table that slides away under the front bunk which can seat 4 around it. What she was looking at was the sea! Sailing to windward her helm becomes heavier but the angle of the rudder is very slight. Najnovije vijesti iz Hrvatske i svijeta! The boat is elegantly finished, with heavy-duty rigging and quality hardware from Lewmar, Harken, and Schaefer. There is foot space for the settee berths under the V-berth, covered with cushions when not in use. beam 8 feet. Its not the easiest to get to as the two bunk cushions need to be moved out of the way first but for things that you dont need often its a very useful space. Im obviously biased as I hate varnishing but teak oil does protect the wood and that is what matters to me. Pacific Seacraft built the Dana 24 from 1984 to 1998 then again in 2002. ("12:00am-1:00am")At around 12:00am, Kevin and Nick took two strippers and exited the club with them in their van. I would say that keeping a Dana spick and span involves a bit more work than most modern yachts but this is the price you pay to be that little bit different. We found the right boat for $51,000, a 1988 with a Yanmar 2GM20F 18-horsepower, two-cylinder diesel engine. Wood is an amazing material but it absorbs moisture and changes shape slightly all the time. software testing jobs in australia with visa sponsorship; goldsboro nc arrests; penalty for stealing prescription drugs. I cant see how they managed to make one for $70k. There is a moulded in non slip pattern to the fibre glass which makes much more sense to me than a teak deck does. Navigation Menu ",, This page was last edited on 16 November 2022, at 21:35. Its not a big deal. I laughed (perhaps slightly hysterically) to think that we were there at all. The 3YM was noisy on Doolittle as well. | 24sata Ne zna to proputa! His voyages into the Davis Strait west of Greenland, a circumnavigation of Iceland, and a voyage to the isolated Arctic island of Jan Mayen are well documented in a series of videos on YouTube. Enough supplies for a month can be carried with ease making the Dana much much more than just a weekender. Often one wonders why something has been done a certain way on the Dana but usually there is a good reason for it. I used to have a Pearson 26 in Florida, which was fine for day sailing but not built heavy duty like a Dana. A few months ago, 77-year-old Briton Jeanne Socrates became the oldest person to achieve the same . The feel on the helm of the Dana is a little dull. You can choose to opt out of Googles use of cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. It might be better to carry a spare engine fuel pump as they are very small and simply change it if it fails, rather than having a heavy, large and mostly useless electric pump in the engine bay. The headlining in the Dana needs special mention. I have learned a lot from you! I also like the fact that a 3 cylinder engine is smoother by design than a twin. One time we were about 50 miles from Minorca when we were hit by a nasty storm. Of course if you want a chisel or a tape measure. The Dana is so small that I can easily sail it singlehanded. Judging by the many mistakes and shoddy work done on my boat I think there was more going on that I can ever know. Used Dana 24's run from the $40's to over $100k. Good day, The answer to that is probably not many, but having spent too many depressing times in cold and filthy Marina shower blocks I was determined to have a shower on my boat. dana 24 circumnavigation. When he designed the Dana back in the early 1980s he was about 65 years old and he used all his hard earned experience gained from a lifetime of creating and sailing yachts. It is interesting that Americans led the way in the world of small boat voyaging. It was installed before the inner lining was glued in. Its simple things like this that make the Dana so excellent. Once with a completely flat sea and a very light breeze, I was able to get Doolittle to hove to for half an hour with just the main sail. Personally I dont think its expensive, I []. I congratulate you, a fine report fr a fine little ship. I have never seen a more detailed report on a yacht in 58 years of sailing. The Valiant 42 Kite rests at anchor off the island of Kia in Fiji. Post author By ; wex benefits now Post date March 3, 2022; trpnutie hlavy na lavej strane . His average across the Atlantic was 112 miles per day and his best run was 142. No wonder PSC offered a 10 year hull warranty. Originally there were 4 solid teak washboards. Martn Ignacio de Loyola. Fresh out of the mould. There is an argument against varnishing hand rails because it can make them slippery when wet. Theres more. 90. . The spares kit they sell for it doesnt contain the O rings you need for the small bronze switch over valve which leaks after a year or so. dana 24 circumnavigation. Anything else that it doesnt do is simply the product of being a small boat. Another feature of the Dana that is worth mentioning is the fact that the cut out for the prop is placed in the hull and not the rudder. She does roll downwind but the motion is mellow and the angle she heels to not excessive. Now that Im retired I am considering another boat, a Dana 24. The Dana needs running back stays if you want to use the staysail as a heavy weather sail or the mast will pump. Later Danas are fitted with fibreglass tanks which should last a lifetime. It has a capacity of 150 litres. 0. Each coat needs to be allowed to properly dry before the next is applied. I will be getting one . It is teak trimmed with a durable cream coloured Formica. Year 3: French Polynesia to Fiji, store in Fiji. Its an excellent oven with flame failure devices and a spark for lighting the various flames. I did ask PSC at the time why they fitted such a big engine to such a small boat. For a specialist its a straightforward job with easy access. Another nice feature that might not be obvious is that they are placed on the outside of the hull which has the advantage of making the decks wider and thus easier to walk along and also reduce the chance of deck leaks. There is an excellent light on the mast that illuminates the foredeck perfectly at night. Pridrui nam se i primaj obavijesti: o novim lancima iz tema koje te interesiraju kad ti netko odgovori na komentar o diskusiji nakon tvog komentara So, a brilliant boat despite its 24 foot length. The cut away forefoot and all that freeboard means that the bows will get blown down and theres not much you can do about it. A good design is as important as a good build. The noise this makes is most disconcerting and frankly annoying. Depending on departure location, round-the-world rallies typically range from 15 to 24 months. In synology plex docker or native. There is a lot of wood down below in a Dana and varnishing that lot would take weeks, not to mention the dust and the mess. If I had been in any other boat I might have been worried but the Dana is so solid and tough that I knew she wouldnt let us down. A light boat might be faster but its more susceptible to waves and the quicker movement will tire you out quicker. If you want a hard, albeit small dinghy there is the Deckster which stows on the cabin and around the mast thanks to a special removable bow section. | Year 4: Fiji to Australia, store in Australia. I know its a clich but she does. [1][2][3][4], The design was built by Pacific Seacraft in the United States from 1984 to 1999, but the company went out of business in 2007. Thanks for this fantastic review of the Dana 24. The galley features everything you might need, including a gimballed stove with oven. And for the cabin top they offered stainless handrails. I can understand your passion for the Dana 24 given it is the type of boat you own, but this is one of the best boat reviews for any boat I have read. The factory maybe applied 3 or 4 coats and this is no way near enough. The waves grew very large and came at us from all directions. Starry Horizons' optimum point of sail is about 90 degrees on the beam. Jun 29, 2015 crealock, dana 24, ev100, for sale, pacific seacraft, prebit, tan sails, ullman. A measure of this confidence is the fact that we dont even carry a life raft. All pipes are top quality and reinforced, held in place correctly where necessary. The solution is to remove the mast and the tabernackle and replace the wood and re-glass the area. On the Starboard side, the cockpit locker houses the batteries, holding tank, seacocks for the toilet, diverter valve, pump out for the holding tank, bilge pump and the shower drain pump.