Electrical Calibration,Temperature Calibration, Pressure Calibration,Flow Calibration, Calibration Software.

Thermal Imaging Cameras. VFD Multimeter & Clamp Meter.

Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Insulation Testers, Earth Testers, Multifunction Testers, Power Quality Analyzers, Analog & Digital Panel Meters, Trasducers, CT, Multifunction Instruments, Paperless Recorder.

Variable Auto Transformers (Variac).Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Rectigiers.

Test & Measuring Instruments, Renewable Energy Instruments Digital & Analog, Panel & Portable Meters. Transducers Multifunction Meter.

UPS Systems, Servo Stabilizers Inverter, CVT & Line Conditioner.

Circuit Tracer, Lux Meter, Ground Tester, Networking Devices, Precision Tools, Wire Terminators, Stripers, Cable Connectors, Dust Noise, vibration & Gas, Monitoring Equipment, Test & Measuring Instruments.

Mnre Approved Solar PV Modules, Solar Power House Smart Modules, Street Lighting Systems, Water RO System Solar Generator Etc.

Material Testing Machines Such As Universal Testing, Impact Testing, Tensile Testing, Hardness Testing, Fatigue Testing.

Optomechanics, Optics, Positioning Devices, Physics Instruments, Microscope, Magnifiers, Imaging & Measuring Instruments, Spectroscopy, Holography, Thin Film Interferometry, Life Science, Polarization, Diffraction.

Temperature, Humidity, Air Velocity, sound, RPM, Lux Meters, Flue Gas Analyser, Data Monitoring System, Transmitters.

Desktop And Hand Hold Label Printers(Alpha Numeric / Bar Code / OR Code).

Equipment For Technical Education.

CNC Lathe and Milling Machine, Bio-Medical Equipments and Trainers.

Portable and Bench Top ph/ORP Meter, Ion, Conductivity, Dissolved, Oxygen Meter and Others.

Glassware and Analytical Instruments.

Power and Measuring Tools. 

Digital & Analog Vernier Calipers,Screw Gauge,Height Gauge,Slip Gauge,Dial Gauge,Filler Gauge

Simulation Software’s Like Micro wind CEM-Solutions,20-Sim.

Weighing And Analytical Instruments.

Ultrasonic and NDT Products.

Concrete,Aggregtes,Rock Mechanics,Aspalt/Bituminous Mixture,Bitumen Cement,Soil,Soil Mechanics,Universal Testing Machine.

Multi-Fuel Engine Test Rig,Dynamometer,Variable Compression Ratio Engines.

Insulation Testers,Earth Testers,Power Quality Analyzers,Low Resistance Ohm Meter,Enviroment Quality Analyzers etc. 

Leaf Area Measurment & Analysis Root Analyzer, Seed Analyzer,Spray Droplet Analyzer etc.

Cetrifuge,Cooling Centrifuge,Deep Freezer,Magnetic Sirrer Laboratoy Stirrer.

Physics & Material Science Lab Electronics Lab, Control Lab Equipment and Other.

Rheostat,Standard Resistance,Capacitance Box,Resistive, Inductive & Capacitive Loads

Optical Instrument & Image.

Lathe M/c,CNC M/c.

ITI Equipments & Machinery.

Power Analyzers, Current & Voltage Sources, Data Loggers Clamp-On Power Meter, Multimeter, Earth Tester, Insulation Testers Calibration Instrument, Oscilloscope, Function Generators.

Multimeter, Clamp Meters, Thermometers, Air Flow Meters, Light Meters, Sound Meters, Water Quality Tester, Tachometer, Humidity & Moisture Meters, Video Inspection Cameras. 

DSO, Spectrum Analyzer, Single Source, DG Power Supply, Electronic Load, LCR Meter And Others.

Power Analyzer, Epstein Tester And Digital Iron Loss Tester.

Industrial Automatic Voltage Controllers.Silicon Power Rectifiers.Variable Voltage Transformers.

Fused Deposition Modeling(FDM) /Fuse Filaments Fabrication (FFF) Stereo Lithography (SLA), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), 3d Scanners, 3d Design Software’s.

Oscilloscopes, Power Suppliers, LCR Meters, Generators EMI/EMC Lab, Spectrum Analyzer, Power Analyzer, Sweep Frequency, Response Analyzer.

Education Solutions Like Embedded Computers & Development Systems Microprocessor & Microcontroller Trainers, Technology Trainers CNC Machine, PLC, SCADA & Mechatronics.

Wear & Friction Monitor, Two Body Abrasion Tester, Scratch Tester, Impact Toughness Tester, Air Jet Erosion Tester, Scratch Tester Slurry Abrasion Tester, Four-Ball Tester.

Training System For Electronics & Digital Lab, Basic & Advance Communication, Power Electronics & Instrumentation, Physics Control Lab, Electrical Machine Lab Power Electrical lab.

Scientific & Laboratory Instruments, Ovens, Furnaces, Incubators Shakers, Centrifuge, Autoclave, Clean Air Equipments.

X-Ray Diffractometer(XRD), XRF Spectrometer.

Online and Line Interactive UPS System.

Earth Magnets, Samarium Cobalt Magnets, NdFeB Magnets, Smco Magnets, Segment Magnets, Rectangle Magnets.

GPS Systems.

Analytical Balances.

Civil Surveying Instruments.

Printed Circuit Board Lab.

Microwave Test Bench.

Educational Software’s(E-Learning & Management Softwares.)

Measuring Tools.

Digital & Analog Insulation Testers & Earth Tester Motorized Insulation Tester.

Gas Detection & Monitoring Equipments COD Digester & Analyser,Lodine Value Meter, Formaldehyde Analyser, TOC Analyser and Other .

Digital Analog,Network,Antenna,Radar Robotic Training Systems.

Instrument for pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen,Turbidity,Salinity,Karl Fisher Titrator, Spectrophotometer,Soil Testing Kit.

Soldering & De-Soldering Station Soldering Pot/Bath.

Testing Equipment For Soil,Cement,Concrete Bitumen,Aggregate C.B.R. Apparatus.

Electrical Testing & Measuring.

Embedded Hardware and Software.

Applied Mechanics/Automobile/Civil Engineering/Heat & Mass Transfer/RAC/Momentum Transfer Lab/Turbines & Pump Test Rig.

Material Testing Machines.